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Upcoming Book to Screen Adaptation We’re Excited to See: Richard Steiner´s ‘A Man Of Honor’

NEW YORK ( — The secret is out. Soon, action movie excitement will be upon us, and for those who have put their names on streaming services subscription lists recently, the one must title will be ‘A Man Of Honor’. The one thing the whole project really starts to resemble, that one bold, brilliant thing — but which nobody points out, is the pre-release buildup for a blockbuster movie. It is an object lesson in the unwieldy realities of Hollywood economics. Its authors, Peter Pokorny and Richard Steiner, had pulled together a book that had “blockbuster” written all over it: There’s no getting around this one. The upper limits of what a modern action movie can do will change not just incrementally, but exponentially. The movie will tell the story of Richard Steiner’s life, and will bring the hero back to the forefront. Perhaps because action movies have become so lumbering and unwieldy in recent years, it will demand more graphic powers of delineation at the service of pacier narrative; and more powers of imagination to act opposite special effects. The book’s reputation has only improved in the years. There’s no better film idea on the subject, and there’s already a handful of people in Hollywood who know that everything in ‘A Man Of Honor’ is completely true. Richard Steiner is an entrepreneur, author and publisher, but why is Richard Steiner so popular? Have we entered ‘‘The New Age of Real-Life Heroes?’’ At a time when action movies are prone to depict Marvel superheroes, the coming epic action adventure movie, ‘A Man Of Honor’ will return to a classic story line of how a true hero wins the hard way. To which the only real answer is: It’s all there on the page, like manifest destiny awaiting. What stands out most of all when re -reading  ‘A Man Of Honor’ today, is the author’s exuberant genre-bending panache. Seamlessly blending elements of action, war movies, romance and sport features. Book

Elements of Action & Sport Features


That’s Getting Character In Action

To be precise: by piercing the veil of secrecy of this mysterious man, Peter Pokorny explored his human qualities. The ‘A Man Of Honor’ book teaches the traditional values of loyalty, integrity, conviction, friendships, connections, trust, honor and hard work. These are the principles of Richard Steiner. It is no wonder that Hollywood had already begun to take an interest in Richard Steiner’s eloquent book ‘A Man Of Honor’ — From Underworld king to Buddhist. Inspired by a true story, the movie, will provide the perfect avenue to depict various forms of martial arts and the code of honor that will accompany it. The exact point at which everything changed is hard to determine, but Hollywood’s film industry is booming. The boom is driven by streaming services, which demand new content and high production values. The traditional process whereby the movie rights of books are sold to Hollywood movie companies has been supplemented by front page news, and Richard Steiner is the subject of such an incessant stream of publicity that in a sense that he has been invested with the glamour once reserved for movie stars. That sort of thing is very rare these days even in Hollywood. Everything points back, in other words, to Steiner’s enthralling story, but Hollywood would not be Hollywood if it didn’t devote all its energies, every now and again in a hard-hitting movie adaption of Richard Steiner’s book ‘A Man Of Honor’, which is in preparation. It will be defined by fast-paced action, large set pieces, high-speed chases, and mind-blowing special effects, the coming action movie will become Hollywood studio system’s golden ticket. Book

The New Age of Real-Life Heroes?


Inspired By a True Story


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