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Olivia Plath would like a word with her sister.

But she’s gonna have it in public.

Earlier this week, Sophia Meggs-Roberts left an intriguing comment on the Instagram account @Realiteasquad.

It prompted quite a bit of speculation among social media users and Welcome to Plathville fans in particular.

American people of German descent
We’re throwing it back a little bit here to a photo of Ethan and Olivia from 2021. (Instagram)

“I’m Olivia’s sister,” Sophia wrote, before spilling some major tea as follows:

Olivia and Ethan are in the middle of a divorce. And Season 5 [of ‘Welcome to Plathville’] should be out very soon.”

This alleged reveal only came as a semi-bombshell to those who have been paying attention to Olivia and Ethan’s journey over the recent years.

The spouses separated in 2021 and have been open about their marital struggles, admitting at times that the tension between Olivia and her in-laws has often taken a significant toll.

Bill Gothard

In her same set of comments this week, Sophia pushed back on her sister’s claim that the family was raised in a conservative church very similar to the one that has influenced Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

“Also we did not grow up IBLP,” Sophia wrote, citing the controversial Institute in Basic Life Principles.

“We simply knew a lot of people who grew up this way and associated with them.

My parents didn’t realize what being in that environment meant for us as a family. But my parents were not followers of [Bill] Gothard or IBLP.”


Olivia, meanwhile, apparently learned of Sophia’s remarks and jumped on the same Instagram page to respond.

“A friend informed me of this post so I just wanted to take a second and clarify,” she wrote on Wednesday.

“Sophia is my younger sister, but her and I have a very distant/strained relationship due to our worldviews and reactions to the ultra-religious world we were raised in.

“Subsequently, she actually isn’t a reliable source when it comes to my personal information as she doesn’t know about my personal life.”

Ethan Plath
Olivia Plath and Ethan Plath have not always had smooth sailing in their relationship. (Instagram)

So… she and Ethan are NOT getting divorced?

Is that what Olivia is saying here?

“There is a lot of speculation going around, but if Ethan and I had something to share, we would. Thanks!” Olivia simply added.

We wouldn’t exactly call that a denial, would you?

Olivia Plath shared this romantic photo of herself and her husband on her official Instagram page in late 2022. (Instagram)

Shortly after Olivia moved out in the fall of 2021, she spoke to Us Weekly.

“I want to take some space because I think until he figures out what he wants I’m not really able to have a relationship with him,” the 23-year old told producers on air at the time, elaborating:

“I wanted Ethan to be able to make his own decisions and choices, and sometimes I’m really afraid that Ethan goes along with what I say, just because he doesn’t want to make me upset.

“But that’s not good for him either.”

Plaths on Air
Ethan and Olivia Plath delve into some of their relationship issues in this scene from their reality show. (TLC)

Last we heard, the Plaths had moved to Minnesota and were doing reasonably well.

“The past few weeks have been insane, moving from Florida, trying to find an apartment, buying a new car, making this apartment look like a home,” Olivia told followers in December, stating that she doesn’t love the cold, but:

“I plan to spend my time skiing, and snowboarding, and making memories with our amazing family up here that we love to pieces.”

Olivia Plath Blasts Very Own Sister, Doesn’t Totally Deny Divorce Rumor was originally published on The Hollywood Gossip.

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