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We all heard about Kate Gosselin’s antics at Collin and Hannah Gosselin’s high school graduation.

But Collin isn’t letting the presence of that toxic narcissist spoil his mood.

It’s time to focus on the positive! He graduated!

In his post-graduation post, the now-adult sextuplet is thanking the people who matter. Guess whose name didn’t make the list?

Colleen Conrad
June 2023 was Graduation time! Collin Gosselin celebrated alongside fellow sextuplet Hannah Gosselin while dad Jon Gosselin beamed with pride at the wheel. (Instagram)

On Wednesday, adult high school graduate Collin Gosselin (feel old yet?) took to Instagram to celebrate his and Hannah’s major milestone.

He gushed over his “amazing” sister, who graduated by his side.

“I would like to thank my dad,” Collin expressed.

Collin Gosselin
Collin Gosselin made some shocking allegations about his mother during a recent interview. (Entertainment Tonight)

Collin thanked Jon “who has taught me so much about running into hard times and moving past them.”

He added that his father has taught him a lot “about resilience.”

At Kate’s hands, Collin endured trauma that no child — or adult — ever should.

Collin Gosselin, Jon Gosselin, and Hannah Gosselin in St. Croix
Jon Gosselin shared this selfie featuring Collin Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin, his charming teen children, in St. Croix. (Instagram)

Collin was also sure to give a shoutout to Colleen Conrad.

She and Jon split in 2021, but she played an important role in Collin’s life.

“I’d like to thank Colleen for rooting for me day in and day out,” Collin acknowledged.

Hannah Gosselin
While celebrating his graduation, Collin Gosselin was sure to give a shoutout to Colleen Conrad. She may be his dad’s ex, but she’s still close with his kids — and was there for Collin when he needed it. (Instagram)

“When you think of someone you want by your side,” Collin wrote, “you think of Colleen.”

He continued: “And as I’ve told her many times, she is my motivator for being successful in this world.”

Collin also shared a photo of himself, in his graduation gown and cap, alongside Colleen. She was there for him and for Hannah at their graduation ceremony.

Jon Gosselin
On June 21, 2023, Collin Gosselin posted a lengthy caption celebration his high school graduation, thanking important people who influenced his life. (Instagram)

Though many fans had hoped that he might grow out of his aspiration, he signaled his intention to pursue some form of military training.

“This chapter of my life has come to a close,” Collin wrote. “Next stop Parris Island.” That site has been in use for training military recruits for generations.

“And soon after,” Collin announced, “I will be studying Mechanical and Industrial Engineering in college! Can’t wait!!!”

Collin Gosselin Photograph
Collin Gosselin joined social media in his teens as he began to transition back into normal life after years under his toxic mom’s control. (Instagram)

He made no mention of Kate Gosselin, who remains one of the most justifiably reviled reality TV personalities in the history of the medium.

His mom, quite simply, put him through hell for years. Then, she institutionalized him — locking him away from his siblings until Jon finally got custody.

Collin will never get a new childhood. But in time, the specter of what Kate subjected him to will fade as he grows into his own person. We’re rooting for him.

Collin Gosselin Thanks Many Positive Influences, Obviously Doesn’t Mention Kate was originally published on The Hollywood Gossip.

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