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John Boyega STORMS Off Set On Netflix’s Rebel Ridge!!!!!

By Courtney Robie / Published on Monday, 05 Jul 2021 21:18 PM / 20 Comments / 14 views

John Boyega WALKS OFF Set On Netflix’s Rebel Ridge!!! Please Subscribe to Just My Opinion Reviews on YouTube!

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20 thoughts on “John Boyega STORMS Off Set On Netflix’s Rebel Ridge!!!!!”

  1. Yo! I looked up Rebel Ridge on Wikipedia and John's name isn't even on the cast list. So…?

  2. Larry hates to see a black person do what in particular!!! Larry is as sleep as the bodies in every more across the country. It doesn't matter what black people do or don't do. They will be treated the same regardless by racists.

  3. He started having simular flashbacks to his time on that trash SW trilogy and said "F*ck this I'm out!" ✌

  4. I'm not trusting any report that says sources say. Put a name on that ish. Fyi family issues are not the public's business.

  5. For all we know, they probably tried to make him do a scene he wasn't comfortable with on some buck breaking type stuff.

  6. I really hope he explains what happened-I think this kind of stuff can ruin your career forever. This could ruin his reputation. Especially since he affected so many other people’s livelihoods.

  7. IF it's true, it sounds like he's having a good ole fashion Hollywood breakdown. Smh. I respect the guy as an actor, but this shit is unprofessional. Hope he's saved his money.

  8. I'd be interested to know if he was having problems on set. And what those problems were.
    Or maybe after being on set for a little bit he realized this movie is going to kill his career so bailed before it could happen.

  9. Yall need to stop taking the studio's side and acting scared. If he left the set, it was for a reason and he did what was best for him. If you care about him, support him. Trust that he will be okay and his fans will ensure that. If hollywood decides to ostracize him and not give him grace, it shouldn't matter. We need to create our own industry that will keep him employed and his family fed.

  10. He didn't just walk off according to an official statement from Netflix. And I'm more likely to Believe he had family issues. Netflix even said they'd work with him again. And I don't think walking off a set would kill ur career. Plenty of actors have done this.

  11. He'll be fine. Hollywood doesn't own him. He can do well in the U.K. A lot of Black folks are not with the sh%t anymore and have a right to leave when they want to. That's why films have insurance. They'll find another actor who was number two on the cast list, lol!

  12. Someone's lying somewhere. I'm assuming it's for the clickbait but you can simply google this and see that there have been actors and directors that have walked off set and projects as they were filming.

  13. I don’t like the dude anyways so this doesn’t mean much to me. I’m here to give a view and click. Peace up fam!

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