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John Boyega talks Failure of Star Wars Compared to Marvel Studios

By Alberta King / Published on Monday, 05 Jul 2021 21:18 PM / 24 Comments / 20 views

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24 thoughts on “John Boyega talks Failure of Star Wars Compared to Marvel Studios”

  1. JJ just has ideas not answers. When he left it open ended without the answers being given they were ruined. Make same first film but when Ray pulls the lightsaber from the snow make it fly to Luke. Have him save her and escape a beating from Kylo bc he isnt ready yet to fight him. Boom same questions brought up but u keep her from being a Mary Sue and having some people turn on her. U also give Luke his badass moment early to get the audience prepped for episode 8.

  2. I'm tired of hearing John Boyega complaining about everything. He has become so entitled and if he wasn't in star wars no one would have ever even heard his name. Stop trash talking everything and be happy it made you a star

  3. You know what could have made the sequel trilogy likeable if Finn changed from being a stormtrooper to become a Jedi instead of Rey.

  4. Don’t get how they could mess it up thoe anyone who’s a big fan of Star Wars could make a good story

  5. Star Wars is very BAD investment on Disney. They should stick to cartoons then live action theater for SW since you can build om comics, cartoons and TV shows.

  6. I blame us, if we weren't so simple minded as a society forced representation wouldn't be a thing because everyone would be represented and it wouldn't need to be forced. So I blame the fan base from the past and the present for causing forced representation. I can careless how many minorities they put in a movie or if it's so called forced because we made this mess by denying opportunity in the first place, so if seeing more minorities in movie's means it feels forced to some I'm ok with it because it should never have needed to be forced in the first place.

  7. It's funny how much people say they hate talking about diversity but got to work the next day and smile in a diversity hires face.

  8. They failed it when killed off Luke he should stay alive until episode 9 because he be the one force heal Rey

  9. They didn't fail Cuz they forced diversity they failed cuz they didn't have a plan it had nothing to do with diversity lol.

  10. Marvel does it better than Star wars but that's not saying much just look at Captain Marvel that felt forced and the Falcon and the winter soldier that didn't feel earned because we already knew Sam was going to be Captain America

  11. Disney does it wrong.

    MCU does it right.



    Disney wins.

  12. So sick hearing about diversity. If you have to sacrifice story for the sake of diversity you fail. Make good characters, write good stories, and everything will fall into place.

  13. Because Star Wars need someone who understands the material characters and respects that Kathleen Kennedy knows nothing about star wars

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