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JAKE PAUL EXPOSED FOR R*PE (Alissa Violet Reacts?)

By Sasha Sullivan / Published on Friday, 16 Apr 2021 14:55 PM / 7 Comments / 66 views

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7 thoughts on “JAKE PAUL EXPOSED FOR R*PE (Alissa Violet Reacts?)”

  1. There’s so many holes in her story

    1. in all her “screenshots” the texting button is green not blue which typically shows up when your texting a phone that’s not a iphone?

    2. the time stamp on Justine’s snapchat memories picture is 8:30AM but she said “it was too late to drive home”

    3. If she was just kissing him but never told him she didn’t want to have any sexual interactions how would he know

    4. Justine is a porn star and is saying that he took advantage of her when her entire job is to make/provide ppl with sexual pleasure

    My conclusion is Jake hired Justine as a stripper for one of his videos therefore she has his number and the time stamp is 8:30AM bc she was at his house filming a video in the morning

  2. Put disney in prison. Well see how tough he is then. Or will he just bend over like he does to ryan kavanaugh

  3. if you actually watched the video, you would know that she did not say he r*ped her. don’t use someone’s sexual assault story and misconstrue it for clicks, that’s what invalidates so many people’s stories.

  4. The Alissa video was from 3 years ago so she didn’t react to that . But Jake Is sick and don’t put something that’s false bc people alr know that alissa was talking about her realionship with jake Paul that was three years ago

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