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Jake Paul EXPOSED – Alissa violet tried to warn us..

By Walter Bernal / Published on Friday, 16 Apr 2021 14:55 PM / 5 Comments / 9 views

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5 thoughts on “Jake Paul EXPOSED – Alissa violet tried to warn us..”

  1. alissa violent didn't warn about anything. people justine paradise watched her and told a fake story about him forcing himself onto her. justine paradise is a clout chaser because who texts somebody who made them uncomfortable. shes weird and wrong.

  2. I mean youtube is a company who only care about money and not that people are getting hurt the probley soon gonna block people from saying nothing but praise to these influencers pretty soon im sure they will be like you can't say thier names youtube don't care about anyone except the people rolling in the money $$$

  3. So distinctly Jake Paul. She could have told her story without even naming him and people would have worked out who it was. Such a disgusting assault, and it brakes my heart seeing how far she's downplaying it, I'm so worried about her.

  4. Youtube needs to get to doing something. Squad, Charles, Paul, like how long can you ignore what's right in front of your face?

  5. I can't even imagine the self-entitled privileged mind-set that assumes the right to assault another human without consequence. What is that? Is it a mental illness? Is it hubris? Wtf? Money and youth? I wonder if he'll get the same pass as JC?

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