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Gina Carano CURSE Hits Star Wars In EPIC Backfire To Virtue Signaling Tweet With John Boyega

By Angela Serrano / Published on Tuesday, 16 Feb 2021 06:53 AM / 19 Comments / 172 views

I can’t imagine a better group of people for this to happen to. Star wars is run by the absolute worst trash.

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19 thoughts on “Gina Carano CURSE Hits Star Wars In EPIC Backfire To Virtue Signaling Tweet With John Boyega”

  1. Guess it comes down to what is good for the BUSINESS is good for Disney.
    Here at Disney we take being Hypocritical to the NEXT LEVEL. We know you are a RACIST BIGOT!
    Listen to what we say & write, not what we do.

  2. When I watched the movie in the cinema, and Finn picked up the lightsabre, I though… yes, he was secretly a jedi….
    And then I was disappointed. Finn should have been the main character.

  3. Gina Carano exudes Beauty, Class, Elegance, Ethics and Morality! Disney and Lucasfilm continues to evolve into the exact opposite of Ethics, Decency and Morality! I would place them along with their minion and legion, right beside a large bucket of maggot infested vomit! No offense to the Maggots or the Vomit!

  4. disney: Lets virtue signal about black people
    Also disney: Lets shrink a black person on a Communist Chinese poster
    Uh huh, whatever you say disney. Maybe a pillow filled with money helps you sleep at night?
    Bitchute comment, readable with Dissenter and on Gab (if I figure out how it works)

  5. Actors need to realize fame doesn't mean they are smart lol another fool tossing career away cause they think being famous means they are smart lol good luck with real job idiot

  6. I live in China. Yes, Chinese people are racist against black people. Dark skin is considered bad.

    EDIT: this video inspired me to leave my own response to Disney's tweet

  7. W-what year is it? I thought it was current, but apparently we're all regressing, in every way possible…

  8. Disney used to be a company run by an adult to make entertainment for children. Now it's a company run by children that makes entertainment for Twitter weirdos and the CCP.

  9. It's inappropriate to say you're racist but we want your money anyway. All this woke nonsense mostly seems to come from the States so don't put everyone in one basket. It's all Disney's assumption and stupidity in regards to how to promote star wars in Asia. I'm not from China but a Chinese living in Malaysia. I must say most Asians couldn't care less about SJW shit, we only want good story telling and product but when will Disney learn. High Republic is truly trash not acknowledging James Earl Jones birthday is unacceptable and the last straw for me is Gina Carano getting canceled. Disappointed what this franchise has become.

  10. No. All the poster means is that disney thinks having John on there would harm the movie in China. It dosnt (by its self) mean China has a problem. It’s a small but really important difference.

    I’m not trying to say China (ccp) doesn’t have some agenda of some sort. I’m well aware oh the things like the MacDonald event. I just want to point out how much worse it is than disney thinking China is racist.

  11. Disney only cares about Black characters when they can use them to virtue signal. Disney kept making bad decisions to appeal to china. Joker made more money than the rise of skywalker without china.

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