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"You Saved Me" Johnny Depp Thanks His Supporters For Defending Him (VIDEO)

By Fannie Metz / Published on Wednesday, 28 Apr 2021 00:55 AM / 10 Comments / 9 views

“You Saved Me” Johnny Depp Thanks His Supporters For Defending Him (VIDEO)
A few months ago, American actor, Johnny Depp, lost his libel case in London. In the case, he was suing the tabloid, The Sun, for labeling him in an article they had published after his divorce with his ex-wife Amber Heard. Although things did not go as planned for Johnny Depp, he is still very grateful to have a lot of people taking his side.
Hey there. Welcome to our YouTube channel. In today’s video, we will dive into Johnny Depp’s case and see how he warned his fans about Amber Heard and their reaction to all that is currently happening. So, be sure to watch this video until the end.
Johnny Depp started off his career on a very high note. He began his career in the 1980s and slowly rose to fame, and started acting alongside Hollywood’s major actors. He has won various titles and nominations and was once the tenth highest-grossing actor worldwide.

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10 thoughts on “"You Saved Me" Johnny Depp Thanks His Supporters For Defending Him (VIDEO)”

  1. ScAMBER TURD never love him. She told her assistant that she was dating an old man before she was married to JD. She planned to get lot of money from him

  2. I must correct one thing you said. You stated that "They fell in love…" Nope. JOHNNY fell in love. Amber is incapable of such a thing, except loving herself,

  3. After the latest bodycam footage from the police at JD apartment the night, she said he broke everything… I came to the conclusion Amber Heard and friends are so good in cleaning up a mess… gluing back broken bottles of wine and furniture, fixing a hole in the wall, painting, cleaning all the puddles of wine in the carpet and wall… All this in less than 2 hours from the time the police video cam was made of Johnny Depp apartment… God there are so good. I would pay good money just to see the face of British Judge Nicol hum… I hope being a crooked judge was worth the money you made from RM

  4. Johnny is such a wonderful man…Amber didn't deserve a super nice guy like him , but he is brave and strong..he will come out of this even stronger and he will get his career back and Amber will lose, she better practice saying the line. "Welcome to McDonald's. may i take your order"?

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