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YFTM #449: "Cardi B Vs Tasha K & TheNeighborhood Talk; Stevie Apologizes to Faith; Ebro + MORE"

By Debra Jackson / Published on Monday, 29 Nov 2021 00:21 AM / 8 Comments / 89 views

8 thoughts on “YFTM #449: "Cardi B Vs Tasha K & TheNeighborhood Talk; Stevie Apologizes to Faith; Ebro + MORE"”

  1. 0:55 T-Pain’s Thoughts on the Music Industry
    5:04 Amber Rose’s Ex, Alexander Edwards, Apologizes After Cheating w/ 12 Women
    10:27 Ebro Calls Tinashe’s Name Ghetto
    14:15 Stevie J Apologizes To Faith Evans
    17:05 Cardi B, Tasha K, and The Neighborhood Talk

  2. Cardi indeed took and submitted the test results for all the STDs/STIs (since it was part of the lawsuit) and they all came back negative from what I heard. Usually I don't care about these bloggers and what they say, because we all know it's for clicks, views, and attention. They want the same thing they accuse these celebs of (fame and attn). But when they cross the line to have a story or tea, that's when I don't be mad at these celebs for suing for defamation. At the end of the day, these public figures are human. Not only does this have to do with personal health, but those things also negatively affect their family who is not in the spotlight. People really don't think about who they could be hurting.

  3. Roger and Zapp used a talk box I believe. A talk box and autotune are different. However, I do understand where you were coming from. Appreciate the commentary ☺️

  4. HOT 97 has been using racist, colorist mixed and non-black people to exploit hip hop for far too long. Hot 97 and Ebro are just trash.

  5. Cardi might lose ..Tasha had someone on her show that said Cardi had herpes it didn’t come from Tasha. I think the courts are gonna tell Cardi to go after the woman that said it on Tasha’s show

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