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Will Smith REVEALED Jaw Dropping Infos On Wife Jada Smith After She LEFT Him😢, Young Thug GOES IN

By Byron Petty / Published on Thursday, 11 Nov 2021 02:20 AM / 18 Comments / 43 views

Will Smith TELLS Behind The Curtain Info After Wife Jada Smith LEFT Him😢, Young Thug GOES IN

18 thoughts on “Will Smith REVEALED Jaw Dropping Infos On Wife Jada Smith After She LEFT Him😢, Young Thug GOES IN”

  1. People need to realize that that crowd was going crazy, jumping around, yelling and hands going up and down, how would anybody know what the HELL was going on, also at this concerts people pass out and the artists keeps performing, this was just one that completely was the worse on this level, but the police should have never allowed that concert to happened, after the last incident, but what needs to happen is, the rules, regulations and safety for concerts should changed, but I'm saying Travis shouldn't be held part responsible for some of his behavior, I just don't think it should be criminal charges, Financial yes!!!!!

  2. All these hypocrite talking about accountability when they can conveniently try to make someone else but not themselves accountable. You choose to be at the concert. You can’t blame Travis Scott for other ppl actions period. And You seriously gonna stop a show full of thousands of ppl every time there is a problem ? Or is it just the ppl in the first few rows ?

  3. Bruh @celeb Travis was performing when an artist is performing they are worried about the show no one knew this was going to be this crazy his concerts get crazy before this no one ever died….

  4. Travis is a demon worshipper..and selfish. He knew what he posted prior to concert..He set the stage .demonic behavior..keep scratching your head until it falls off.

  5. People out here defending Jada, I shake my head. They call both crazy, but I don't feel Will is crazy. I think he is exhausted by Jada antics. Making a fool out of him constantly. Will is married to that women, but he is not with that women. Everybody makes excuse for this women even when she was fucking Marc Anthony.

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