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What I Didn't Show You From The Twins Birth…

By Jeffrey Cervantes / Published on Thursday, 11 Nov 2021 21:20 PM / 20 Comments / 31 views

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20 thoughts on “What I Didn't Show You From The Twins Birth…”

  1. My skinny sister, had a c-section for her twins too…..over a month pre mature…The smaller twin was in a box too, for a few days…..but they both came out fine.
    And they are now 6 feet 8" tall, and graduated top of their class from college…..The father nick named them, The Twin Towers".
    It will all be good, Colleen!

  2. Aww Colleen everything you are going through is valid!! Just know everyone here is sending you love and support!!

  3. I was born a month and a half premature and also a C-section, and I was born even smaller than both of your babies are. My mom told me that it was so difficult bc I was in the NICU for 5 weeks, but you're such a strong woman and you're so beyond incredible Colleen. It's going to be difficult but you are incredible and they are incredible and I'm so happy for you and Eric. Y'all will get through this to make so many new memories with your family of 5!

  4. You endured the pain and suffering of pregnancy for the second time with twin. It will be ok Colleen. You're twins will be ok the hospital will take good care of them.

  5. Hey Colleen! I'm not sure if this is helpful, but Jonathan of the Carlin Brothers channel and his wife Beth also had preemie NICU twins a while back! Maybe they'd like to share some of their experiences with you!

  6. I have watched your journey through this and I am so sorry it’s been so hard. Remember that it’s all worth it. It’s hard having the babies in the NICU but it means they are healthy. Sending love ❤️

  7. They are both gorgeous Colleen! They will be home so soon with how well they are doing. If I heard correctly in your birth video, you said they are both breathing on their own, so baby girl learned in a couple hours! They are strong just like their mom, they got this. I can't wait for the names!!

  8. BABY NAME IDEAS:) girl i am so proud of you. So I have a special hobby, i like making names combination and i have a lot of ideas. I named like 5 babies including my bestfriend s sister:). I have some ideas for your lovely babies and they are inspired by Flynn s name.
    1. Blaire Willow Stocklin and Caleb Levi Stocklin

    2. Riley Beth Stocklin and Ethan Blake Stocklin
    u can change the order if u want:)

  9. I’m a twin with my brother like your boy girl babies. My Mum had to have a C-Section with us and we had to stay in the NICU. You’re babies are going to love having each other to lean on and talk to it’s the best feeling. I love being a twin. Stay strong because there are only great things to come! x

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