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What Do the Facts REALLY Say? | Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard

By Walter Ellingsworth / Published on Tuesday, 12 Apr 2022 03:21 AM / 22 Comments / 18 views

🚨⚖️ In this video, we’re analyzing two of the main incidents alleged by Amber Heard in the Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard defamation trial. Specifically, we’re looking at Amber’s allegations surrounding the December 15, 2015 incident and the May 21, 2016 incident. What do you think? Do you think she’s being honest, or making it all up? Come check it out, and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

0:00 Intro
0:53 Background
2:12 The December 15, 2015 Incident
4:23 Amber’s December 2015 Evidence
5:46 Amber’s Appearance on the James Corden Show
8:59 The May 21, 2016 Incident
12:09 Amber’s Deposition Testimony
16:04 Amber’s May 2016 Evidence
17:44 When the Police Show Up
18:30 The First Police Visit
19:19 The Second Police Visit
21:27 Something Isn’t Right
23:44 What Do YOU Think?

Primer Video: EVERYTHING You Need to Know About the Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard Trial:

Amber Heard on the James Corden Show December 16, 2015:

Link to Police Bodycam Footage Taken May 21, 2016:

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22 thoughts on “What Do the Facts REALLY Say? | Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard”

  1. You forgot one important factor, Josh Drew's testimony which doesn't match with the LAPD testimony. He said he showed the officers all the damages which was a lie. There weren't any damages when both sets of police arrived. This means only one thing, they staged the photos afterward. The metadata of the photos also appeared tampered with. They are all working together to stage a fake crime scene so AH can get leverage in the divorce by setting up an innocent man.

  2. Looking so forward to your coverage of the trial. Unfortunately you have begun to invite folks that have already made their minds up and it's not a good fit. You are so treasured for your neutrality, so non lawyers who have already formed opinions just doesn't seem right for your chanel. One of your current guests is so anti Amber, that it just diminishes the core of your usually neutral stance. I get that you're all looking at shady evidence, but he has already convicted her. That isn't a normal for you.

  3. This crazy broad is abusive. DV on Jonny! I stand strong with Depp. I heard this nut job say she hit Depp. What a cnt!!

  4. She's full of it.
    Remember when Chris Brown beat the snot out of Rhianna? The pics are still out there. Amber would have similar evidence of she were subject to even a small amount of the abuse she alleges, not sloppy make up and edited photos.

  5. IF something happened on both these occasions, it def did NOT go down the way she says. That is plain to see

  6. My concerns is the point jd makes in the audio tapes about fights, and his ability to recognise abuse, and wanting a divorce, not the conversasion of a abuser in my experience, no mention of self defence from ah in the audios, i can confirm then the assaults on jd are abuse, not self defence, because ah never mentioned jd abused her as she mocked him to gas light his understanding of abuse, jd also clearly made a valid point that if the abuse didnt stop, or ah didnt change, the husband could pop the wife one, thats true since ah would get in his face to poke the bear, ah was only frightend of being exposed for abuse, note how ah projects in the audios to mock jd, this is evidence ah is unbalanced, great evidence rarely seen, since ah is extremely manipulative and violent, reminds me of the video where ah beat her sister, yet whitney didnt want to talk about it, when she was on the receiving end of that violence, see how projection works, and how ah can switch to playing victim and see the problems with this destructive behavior, while stalking her target, like she stalks creators on you tube that talk about this abuse.

  7. She (and her bff's living off Johnny in the penthouses) faked all the evidence. Amber was faking evidence from day 1 to set him up for a brief marriage to take him out and take all his $$, all while having the status and connections of being the wife of a HUGE star to advance her career. (IMO)
    That is why the metadata of the photos in this case is so crucial, as it would show the times of the photos of her damage claims and the times plus filters used on her "abuse" photos. It speaks volumes that she won't give up that information and has sabotaged it for the trial. Great video, Alyte! Thank you!

  8. It's also amazing to see how pathetic an actor/actress can appear when somebody else is not writing the script.

  9. Wondering how she can walk with all those third-degree burns on her back side.
    Her pants were not just on fire, but burning long and hot.

  10. Please give me just a moment to answer the question you posed at the end of the video, "What do you think?"
    I am not a lawyer, yet I could personally mount an effective defense against the allegations just by using the evidence and actions of the plaintiff's legal team you've presented here. I wouldn't be able to pursue the countersuit, though.

  11. Weird how she could have "fresh" black eyes, but her eyes are not bloodshot due to burst vessels, no puffiness,no nose bruising. Also weird how her stories change often, she told numerous lies about her donations, "7 million WAS donated", as in, she already donated all of it. Also find it funny how she took pictures of random items, but not her actual abuse, ya know, like a real victim would. Let's not even get into all the leaked audio. She needs serious help.

  12. Can you imagine being Johnny? Sitting there listening to these outrageous lies. I can’t stand being accused of putting the empty gallon of milk back in the fridge, let alone be accused of this. Amber Heard needs to be criminally charged for making false allegations. I know the statute of limitations are over, but someone should not be able to do this.

  13. I feel like, a person who was that traumatized, wouldn't have to work that hard to recount and sell the retelling.

  14. If they could clean, and spackle that quickly, then they missed their calling. Imagine the beads they could buy after just 1 failed HS house party!!!

  15. It’s all an act that’s what narcissist manipulating people do and make their stories sound believable and they very good at manipulating playing victim and they truly believe in their own lies everything amber doing won’t last forever nothing last forever period and I’m sure when she was at her Hotel room on her cellphone laughing saying these suckers falling for it saying can you believe it they falling right where I want them all I’m just guessing

  16. I had a broken nose in high school. My nose was swollen to the point where I sounded like I had a heavy cold. The black eyes that went with it were pretty dark and since I'm fair skinned they were impossible to cover.

  17. She is clearly lying and if she had to lie about those two incidents she can not be believed on any others. Witnesses have seen her abuse JD and her witnesses are not reliable. No doubt she should lose this case and I believe she should be criminally charged after

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