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What Are Korn Upto Now?

By Joel Petty / Published on Sunday, 10 Apr 2022 15:21 PM / 20 Comments / 22 views

Oddly, I don’t know much about Korn, but I am aware of their popularity. They’re releasing new music and today I’m reacting to their single Start The Healing. There are a few unexpected things musically going on that I did no expect at all. Are you a fan of Korn? What do you think about them?

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20 thoughts on “What Are Korn Upto Now?”

  1. I’ll never forget the day I got the untouchables album. I thought it was hot trash. Issues and down. They just forever became that band after untouchables. I miss shooters and ladders, good god, etc era of em.

  2. I started listening to Korn in the late 90's when I was at Oldham College, there were two pubs right opposite the college that I used to spend far too much time in one of them, The Abbey, (a pub no longer with us replaced by a sports centre) whoever came up with the idea to put a college right across the street from two pubs should get a bloody knighthood. Anyway. Every time I went in I used to put snakes and ladders on the jukebox, I'm pretty sure the other regulars got sick of it after a while. Good times man, Good times.

  3. reads title. immediately thought "what, a guitar solo? That'd definitely be unexpected from korn!"
    Anyway, must watch the video. Might edit this comment after watching.
    Edit: he's alot more upbeat than I could be about them. I'll leave it at that before I get ranty.

  4. Korn are a legitimately brilliant band. The Nu-Metal thing is hideously uncool nowadays. But I think their music always stood above the genre for me. A lot of it is a very hard listen, thematically the songs are a lot about Jonathon Davis' history with mental health issues, drug abuse, child abuse and molestation. He delivers his vocals with a painfully aggressive sincerity. There are several tracks where he will break down in tears which is left in on the edit. This song you just reviewed, i presume, is about his step towards recovering from the death of his wife a year or so a go. So it's often very heavy, and isn't something that can be listened to all the time.

    But i would put their first 5 albums, and most recent 2, up against any "heavy" music. They're full of super creative and interesting songs. The oddball vocal deliveries, the drumming is always on point (Got The Life has some of the best fills ever), the dynamic bass from Fieldy which drifts between groove metal and percussive slap bass. The use of bagpipes, and the metal jazz-scatting. Everything about them was hardwired to appeal to an mentally damaged oddball kid like me. I love Korn tremendously. I may not listen to them all that often any more but their most recent efforts have made me appreciate them again. That's not to say that some of their older work doesn't have it's problematic moments, there's rap battle with Fred Durst containing lyrics which are at best cringeworthy, and at worst irresponsible and damaging to certain groups. But aside from that, i'd really recommend anyone who hasn't, to put aside the numetal bias and give them a decent listen.

    I've just realised i've written way too much sorry

  5. I had just recently started smoking weed at like 16, and was sitting on the porch of some older dude's place that let a bunch of kids hang out all the time, when some guy passed me some head phones and said, "a buddy of mine put this demo together. Check it out." The song was badass, but I was stoned and didn't really think much of it. 2 or 3 years later I heard it on the radio. The song was Blind by KoRn.

  6. Oh, yeah. Justin, if you dismissed Korn as some Rap Rock drivel, you should definitely dig a little deeper. Jonathan Davis also did a great job on the Queen of the Damned soundtrack. I believe he either wrote or produced like four songs that were sung by other prominent artists at the time.

  7. you will be performing on the same day as Korn at Download festival this year 🙂 I cant wait to see you both

  8. KoRn… has been, still is and always will be my favourite band of all time! Still haven't seen them live its on my bucket list…

    Anyone know if they playing the UK anytime soon?

  9. Giger did do that mic stand. Korn are in A standard I think. They are the best ba d to ever exist in my opinion. They were influenced by Faith No More. Good spot. Never heard JD described as William Shatner though ha ha

  10. I don’t dig their new album at all! I like the lyrics but the music is not gripping at all. One of the worst stuff they ever put out. But this is my opinion and if someone likes it then enjoy it.

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