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Totally smitten! Vanessa Hudgens’ boyfriend, Cole Tucker, gushed about their relationship while talking to reporters at spring training for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

“I got a girlfriend and she’s cool. She’s awesome, I love her,” the 24-year-old MLB player told the press on Friday, February 26, hinting that the 32-year-old actress will be attending his games during the upcoming 2021 season.

Tucker, who is a shortstop and outfielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates, continued: “But I don’t want it to be, ‘Oh, Cole’s dating Vanessa …’ I don’t want it to be treated any differently than Mitch [Keller] having his wife down, or Ke’Bryan [Hayes] having his girlfriend come down. She’s great. She’ll be around. You will see her, but you saw the headline, it is what it is.”

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