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(Un)helpful Guide To Harry Styles (Reaction) | Topher Reacts

By Joyce Buckley / Published on Thursday, 01 Apr 2021 08:54 AM / 4 Comments / 56 views

It’s always fun to learn more about my husbands who don’t know I exist 😁🖤💛

Original video:

#HarryStyles #OneDirection #UnhelpfulGuide #UnhelpfulGuideToHarryStyles #Swoonworthty #ClutchingMyPearls #MyLoinsAreAblaze

Also another HUGE shoutout to Ashton Landry for his hard work in creating my new Topher Reacts intro. If you need any branding services, check out his amazing portfolio

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4 thoughts on “(Un)helpful Guide To Harry Styles (Reaction) | Topher Reacts”

  1. loved this reaction and you are stunning! another funny one is "harry styles acting as straight as this line ~~~~" i'll attach a link in the replies to this 🙂

  2. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! That clip was when he covered Ultralight Beam by Kanye, you should watch it, it's amazing!!

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