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Unbelievable Close Calls with Wild Animals !

By Edward Roberts / Published on Monday, 24 May 2021 18:54 PM / 14 Comments / 42 views

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Azzyland – Unbelievable Close Calls with Wild Animals !

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14 thoughts on “Unbelievable Close Calls with Wild Animals !”

  1. Azzy if you didn't know the type of shark it was is a bull shark they can go in to fresh and salt water too and it's not only here in they do the same thing when they're migrating to warmer waters too

  2. I live in Idaho here is why you should always stay calm if you see a bear number one if you freak out they’re gonna freak out number two if you get up and run they’re gonna chase you

  3. Azzy your so amazing i love watching your videos you make me happy when I'm sad by being so nice and happy yourself

  4. Ahem… excuse me, but I have to correct you. Those are not called geese, they are called Canadian cobra chickens.

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