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Twitch Unban Requests Be Like… (ft. POKIMANE)

By Harold Thomas / Published on Saturday, 18 Sep 2021 18:18 PM / 1 Comment / 30 views

We all know it was not “YOUR BROTHER XD”
Thank y’all for all the support with my youtube journey!
If you want to win the giveaway make sure to properly enter in correctly the amount of times the word Pokimane was sent throughout the video!
You must type in the comments section #POKIMANE and then a specific number.
For example “36” which means you think it was said all together 36 times.
Feel free to rewatch, pause, and slow down the video in certain intervals so that way you can get it correct(you only get one chance to comment so good luck!)
Make sure you leave a like and subscribe with post notifications turned on(you must be subbed to win)
Also make sure you join the discord server in order to keep up with future updates on the giveaway!
Discord server:
Here is a whole playlist of them!!!
Trolling Playlist:
Go follow my Instagram I post whatever there:


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