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Truth or Drink ft. RCLBEAUTY101 | Bethany Mota

By Mary McAllister / Published on Monday, 01 Mar 2021 11:55 AM / 21 Comments / 191 views

wooooow weee did it!!! who do you wanna see next for a truth or drink?
let me know in the comments!

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21 thoughts on “Truth or Drink ft. RCLBEAUTY101 | Bethany Mota”

  1. the first kiss question you answered and i lit up because that was how my first kiss was when i was 5

  2. Does rcl realize when ever she drinks we no that she has done what ever was asked because she could have just said no if she didn’t ? No hate love both people

  3. lmaoo the fact that beth had a crush on connor and kian, the two guys that ive seen her shipped with the most besides dtrix

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