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True Story (2021) Netflix Limited Series Review

By Yolanda Holland / Published on Wednesday, 24 Nov 2021 14:21 PM / 4 Comments / 19 views

Here is my True Story (2021) Netflix Limited Series Review. Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes star in True Story, a limited series on Netflix. During a tour stop in his hometown of Philadelphia, one of the world’s most famous comedians is forced to answer the question of how far he’ll go to protect what he has. Should True Story be on your watchlist? Thanks for checking out my True Story (2021) Netflix Limited Series Review!

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My couch rating system:
5 – A must watch – do not pass this one up
4 – It’s really good, you should see it
3 – It’s OK – maybe good for a rental
2 – It’s not that good and I wouldn’t recommend it
1 – It’s terrible and I definitely don’t recommend it
0 – Cutting off a finger is better than watching this

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4 thoughts on “True Story (2021) Netflix Limited Series Review”

  1. Favorite Performances:
    Wesley Snipes – Mo' Betta Blues and Jungle Fever
    Kevin Hart – Maybe this will be the one, guess I'll have to binge it some time.

  2. Love you reviews. It helps me a lot to decide what to watch! great criteria when reviewing the failures and successes in every content!

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