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Based on some of her recent comment, Tori Roloff has some Little People, Big World fans concerned.

That’s what happens when you hint that you’re nearly done with the show.

Now, however, the long-time TLC personality has fans and followers truly concerned.

Because she just revealed something very personal, as opposed to merely professional.

Zach and Tori Roloff sit down here for a confessional on Little People, Big World.

“Sorry I left you all hanging yesterday. We discovered Zach’s shunt is in need of repair and will have surgery in the morning,” the mother of three wrote via her Instagram Stories on Tuesday, February 7.

She continued as follows, stating she was hesitant to share the news, but:

“I believe strongly in prayer and could use some tomorrow…

“They say it’s routine surgery but it’s far from my routine and Zach and I are nervous. It feels big to us but we trust his doctors and their ability and knowledge! Any prayers are greatly appreciated.”

Tori, Zach and their kids look beyond adorable in this family portrait, don’t they?

According to John Hopkins Medicine, a shunt is a hollow tube that is surgically placed in the brain to help drain cerebrospinal fluid.

The tube redirects the fluid to another part of the body where it can be reabsorbed.

As you can tell from above, Tori did not reveal what exactly was the matter with her spouse.

However, shunt procedures tend to address pressure on the brain that is caused by hydrocephalus; the procedure typically relieves symptoms that include gait difficulty and lack of bladder control.

In the past, Zach and Tori spoke candidly about health difficulties that affected their kids… most specifically their oldest child, Jackson.

In November, Zach shared an update on how he was recovering after he underwent surgery to correct the bowing in his legs nearly one year earlier.

“It’s tough because the screws in his legs help straighten the leg as he grows,” Zach wrote via Instagram on November 15 in response to a fan who asked how the five-year was doing after the surgery.

“For him he maybe grows a inch a year, so it’s tough to see and won’t be obvious for a while.”

Tori and Zach look concerned and downtrodden in this confessional scene from Little People, Big World.

Elsewhere, as previously mentioned, Tori has made it sound as if she and Zach are ready to live their lives out of the spotlight moving forward.

“I think our time is definitely coming to a close but we’re trying to enjoy it while it’s here!” Tori told a fan who asked about her future on the series.

What might prompt this exit?

Tori says she’s simply sick of the drama.

Tori Roloff Asks for Prayers Prior to Husband’s Sudden Surgery was originally published on The Hollywood Gossip.

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