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Top 10 Reasons Chrissy Teigen Was Cancelled

By Mirella Cobb / Published on Monday, 31 May 2021 22:53 PM / 17 Comments / 30 views

Top 10 Reasons Chrissy Teigen Was Cancelled
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For a long time, Chrissy Teigen was seen as the brutally honest queen of Twitter. She wasn’t afraid to stand up to anybody, even coming for Donald Trump before AND during his presidency. But now several old tweets and messages have come out exposing Teigen for being a straight-up bully. During her reign, many celebrities tried to warn us about her, and now that the truth has come out we can very clearly see all the warning signs that were out there. These are the Top 10 Reasons Chrissy Teigen Was Cancelled here on Top 10 Beyond the Screen!

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17 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons Chrissy Teigen Was Cancelled”

  1. Chrissy Tiegan doesn’t even hold a candle to Tira Banks. The difference in their IQ is shocking. Tira’s is around 140, Chrissy’s has to be in the 80’s. LOL

  2. Teigen needs permanently banned from ALL social media. John should worry about his children being around this vile creature.

  3. It's clear that this woman will say or do anything just in the hopes people will react, its like she feels she needs it to live or something so messed up.

  4. I didn't know about some of these honestly. Especially that one called Fablife. And she constantly just leaves Twitter? Listen I'm for taking a break off of Twitter every once in awhile you know because of mental health but when you're doing it like her just to avoid criticism it's like you clearly don't care about your reputation

  5. I was kicked off Twitter for a week a few years ago, for calling her out. Her fans came for me hard lmao. ( It was the Easter John was Live) .

  6. whats up with the computer saying love??? you not allowed to say that on here anymore? ha wtf? lol love love love love love that these nasty twisted biatches are getting some of their KARMA❤

  7. The beautiful Miss Mack!… (Mackenzie) hi! Is that your bedroom youre always in? When i first saw it i thought it was a very nice hotel room

  8. I'm honestly pretty surprised that it took SO long for everyone to realize just what kind of woman she is. I knew she lacked some pretty basic tact, but it's worse than I thought. I'm glad we're able to see everything listed out at once.
    I'm also really curious how her husband is taking this. It's not a great reflection of him if he will tolerate this kind of behavior. I don't think he shares the same attitude, but she's certainly dragging his image down with her. It's a shame.

  9. A few people on my mind that should be cancelled: Chrissy, Demi and Lea Michele. Demi hasn't been cancelled yet as of now and seems to have not learnt her lesson and trust me a new feud between her and some other celebrities will emerge soon. Or who knows her feuding because nobody wanted to adopt her farcical 'them' pronoun when talking about her.

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