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The Truth About Ellen's Life Since Announcing Her TV Exit

By Keith Sibley / Published on Wednesday, 21 Jul 2021 18:19 PM / 11 Comments / 16 views

Ellen DeGeneres has been a daytime TV mainstay since 2003, when her talk show, “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” made its debut. But now the show is finally coming to an end, shutting down production after the upcoming 19th season.

Ellen’s stepping down from the series came after a public reckoning with the show’s culture behind the scenes, which was reported to clash heavily with the “Be Kind” brand the show had long cultivated. The ensuing scandal left some wondering if Ellen would return to finish out her contract at all. Now she’s coming back — but she’s also moving on. This is the truth about Ellen’s life since announcing her TV exit.

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A-lister season | 0:00
Competition show | 1:16
Third home | 2:16
Being bold | 3:10
Coworker support | 3:59
Replacement news | 4:50
Real estate | 5:46
Planned ending | 6:38
New pet | 7:36
Private life | 8:35
Unclear future | 9:20
Addressing allegations | 10:15

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11 thoughts on “The Truth About Ellen's Life Since Announcing Her TV Exit”

  1. Totally ready for Kelly Clarkson to take the daytime tv crown. Love Ellen but since all things end I am glad the replacement will be someone of such quality.

  2. Ellen of course has the masculine role in her lezzie relationship, but still, she is one of the homeliest excuses for a male on the planet. l laugh and cringe every time I have to look at her.

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