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The Problem with Nicole Arbour VS Candace Owens over the Chrissy Teigen Debate. A Full Breakdown

By Kay North / Published on Thursday, 27 May 2021 16:53 PM / 16 Comments / 29 views

Isabella Riley and Chrissie Mayr get DEEP into the controversial Nicole Arbour appearance on the Candace Owens Show on Daily Wire where they debate and argue cancel culture regarding Chrissy Teigen.

Chrissy Teigen has been under fire for tweets resurfaced that were aimed at Courtney Stodden where Teigen is bullying and harassing the then newly wed teen bride.


16 thoughts on “The Problem with Nicole Arbour VS Candace Owens over the Chrissy Teigen Debate. A Full Breakdown”

  1. No need to overanalyse this. Candace was just bullying Nicole to toughen her up.

    Candace did nothing wrong.

    Griffith on the other hand …

  2. Two pretty girls talking about two even prettier girls who were discussing two even more pretty girls being c-words.

  3. Actually there was more videos and tweets and comments Nicole attacked Candace in. Candace was defending herself because Nicole came at her first plus Nicole started more drama behind the scenes of this as well. Not to mention Nicole has been accused of bullying and being abusive to many other people over the years.

  4. I don't care of either of these people but you all are simping for that Nicole girl. It's a debate why should owens "meet her half way"

  5. Nicole tried to compare Candace's fans to Teigen and failed miserably. as soon as she started doing that, it was over.
    in a way, she was saying that Candace is no different than Teigen.
    how wrong she is.

  6. Why would Candace not be aggressive about it when she felt offended? The way Nicole’s words came out was totally over the top towards Candace in the video she posted originally

  7. My opinion of Candace has diminished because of this. The hypocrisy she is showing, on several fronts, in this event is telling.

  8. Candice is shot out of a cannon. Jeaz. Slow down a little. The emotional display comes off like ‘agree with me or you’re wrong’. Yuck! Candice and Ben Shapiro should have some sort verbal gymnastics competition.
    Chrissy- you had an opinion that completely changed after watching the footage again? Ok..

  9. Chrissy Tiegen should be cancelled because everyone should be held to the same rules that they hold others to

  10. That episode of RAP with Jeremiah Walkings and Tony Hitchklif and Nicole Arbour as guests was amazing.

  11. I'm glad Chrissy Teigen was held accountable. Not just bully tweets but pervy tweets about children! She's just nasty!

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