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Tessica Brown (Gorilla Glue Girl )| Cardi B (Up)| Charlamagne Tha God| Halle Berry

By Leonard Thomas / Published on Saturday, 13 Feb 2021 10:53 AM / 5 Comments / 261 views

#Tessicabrown #gorillagluegirl #Cardib #Charlamagne #Halleberry

Tessica Brown, the woman whose hair’s been Gorilla Glued for more than a month, finally has sweet relief — and we have video of the surgery that saved the day.

A celebratory moment for Cardi B was briefly interrupted when she was accused of ripping off two New Jersey artists. On Friday (Feb. 5), shortly after the release of her latest single “Up,” Mir Pesos and Mir Fontane took to social media, demanding compensation for allegedly inspiring the rapper’s new song.
Charlamagne Tha God, launches the Mental Wealth Alliance (MWA).

Drama with the ex. Halle Berry pays Gabriel Aubry’s child support every month, but she still thinks the payments are “wrong” and should be considered “extortion.”

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