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Taking a Break from YouTube (Ft. Bethany Mota) – Off The Pill Podcast #23

By Tracy Bowman / Published on Monday, 07 Jun 2021 04:54 AM / 13 Comments / 16 views

Ryan, Paco, David, and special guest, Bethany Mota, talk about her childhood, career, how she met her boyfriend, D-Trix, and her love of music. Bethany also speaks on why she took a break from YouTube and how it led her to finding herself again.

Guest: Bethany Mota

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13 thoughts on “Taking a Break from YouTube (Ft. Bethany Mota) – Off The Pill Podcast #23”

  1. Ryan saying that he used to do all his homework in school so he didn't have to care about it when he got home and me being like YESSSSSS. But then university happened.

  2. I was in middle school when I started watching Beth and now I am a freshman in college. Dang how time flies

  3. I remember making a BgA fanart that David retweeted ;-; and that makes me super happy. Just after these podcasts getting to their personalities better and how ryan mentioned that he doesn't appreciate that easily reminded me of that :'O

  4. This episode is so cool! Bethany and Ryan are so alike in little ways which is super cool to see because the flow here is so chill and easy

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