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SUPER RARE ALBINO ANIMALS that actually exist

By Marisol Clauson / Published on Tuesday, 28 Sep 2021 12:20 PM / 17 Comments / 26 views

SUPER RARE ALBINO ANIMALS that actually exist

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17 thoughts on “SUPER RARE ALBINO ANIMALS that actually exist”

  1. Oh my God I just realize this and Harry Potter and the prisoner of askaban there was this White deer near the end when the dementors were about to give the dementors kiss. And that white deer was the same one!! I’m Potter head

  2. The green on the peacocks is to make the predators think its poison and the other colours have other reasons which I do not remember so that white peacock won't be safe in the wild

  3. Azzy the peacock is not albino cuz white peacocks are natural and yea there not rare cuz I’ve seen them dozens of times-

  4. How cute was the moose !! So cute! When I was like- 4 or 5 I went to the zoo and I got to pat an Albino kangaroo!! It was ADORABLE I ALMOST CRIED- don’t ask me how I remember that.

  5. To educate my favorite chocolate lover
    White chocolate isn't actually made of thr choco stuff it's actually just mainly sugar and other things
    Milk chocolate has very little choco stuff
    And then dark chocolate has barely any sugar and is just choco which is why some people can't handle eating it bc it's too strong :3

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