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StoneBridge feat. Elsa Li Jones – Somebody

By Jessica Bailey / Published on Thursday, 11 Aug 2022 18:11 PM / No Comments / 9727 views

StoneBridge feat. Elsa Li Jones – Somebody

NEW YORK ( – “Funky House” referred to the DJ-ing and music production style of StoneBridge, Grammy Nominated DJ and producer from Sweden, who always flew from Stockholm to the Spanish island of Ibiza, a popular Mediterranean island vacation destination for thousands of visitors every year. DJ StoneBridge’s long sets at Eden Ibiza or the ultimate Balearic venue, Pacha — encompassed the funky house hypno-grooves. “It was the best of all kinds of music, and really refreshing, because elsewhere you were just hearing the same old sound,” remembers StoneBridge. Just as the Balearic craze during the first explosion of House Music was an attempt to continue the fun had by ravers in Ibiza after the holiday’s end, StoneBridge´s new single ‘Somebody’ is an homage to a place that seems like heaven on earth. StoneBridge – ‘Somebody’ (feat. Elsa Li Jones) symbolizes the fantasy of taking a permanent vacation from ordinary life, but without good music and a positive atmosphere there would have been no scene. StoneBridge was introduced to Elsa Li Jones through a common music connection in LA. “My friend from LA called me and said, ‘You have to meet this girl — she is the most incredible artist,” StoneBridge told Rich TMX Entertainment News. The combination of Elsa Li’s rock background and StoneBridge’s funky house beats come together and form the perfect mix of both sounds. “The first time they worked together, they came up with a Billboard number one club hit ‘If You Like It’ and they just clicked,” commented a spokesperson for StoneBridge’s Stoney Boy Music, the label releasing ‘Somebody’.

Swedish Superstar DJ StoneBridge

Very Influential. Big Tune! Big Vocals!

‘If You Like It’ featured those trademark StoneBridge beats, which in the context of this track sounded as though they had been beamed in from the future. Most house music from the Swedish capital has a unique vibe to it and most of it is beautifully recaptured on ‘Somebody’. To ensure maximum impact, and to make sure her subversively polymorphous lyrics wound up on as many radio stations, and in as many homes, as possible, Elsa Li Jones and StoneBridge built ‘Somebody’ to be as infectious and unavoidable as possible, which comes in three flavours kicking off with the Main Mix which is a true crowd pleaser, and the StoneBridge UK Mix is giving you bass driven deeper vibes. Swedish Superstar DJ StoneBridge provides the funky arrangements but the best of all, however, is the superb StoneBridge & Lil’ Joey´s Ibiza Dub remix of ‘Somebody’ which adds some useful speed garage vibes. It’s just total funky house madness. A record that takes no prisoners. Even StoneBridge got in on the act, tantalising Rich TVX News Network viewers by being secretive about what the duo had in store as next project. The return of the partnership that brought us ‘If You Like It’. Elsa Li Jones’s fabulously mournful, enchantingly distant vocals that make the difference and send StoneBridge’s beats soaring to the heavens and beyond. It’s got “Ibiza sunset anthem” written all over it. As well as this, StoneBridge – Somebody (feat. Elsa Li Jones) reflects all that’s good about Ibiza, still one of the few remaining places in the entire world. Very influential. Big tune! Big vocals! StoneBridge – ‘Somebody’ (feat. Elsa Li Jones) should be right at the top of your Most Wanted Spotify playlist.

StoneBridge – Somebody (feat. Elsa Li Jones)

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