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STAR WARS HYPOCRISY: John Boyega Used to Push BHM When They Destroyed His Character!!

By Thomas Heaton / Published on Tuesday, 16 Feb 2021 06:53 AM / 12 Comments / 174 views

#StarWars #WeLoveGinaCarano #GinaCarano #JohnBoyega

The Star Wars account is once more dripping with hypocrisy. Only last month they ignored the birthdays and both James Earl Jones and Carl Whethers and in black history month they used the image of John Boyega to promote it. A character they shrank on the posters and reduced the role of to appease China.

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12 thoughts on “STAR WARS HYPOCRISY: John Boyega Used to Push BHM When They Destroyed His Character!!”

  1. Star Was is DEAD to me! All of Disney is DEAD to me! Not one more penny from me in anyway! No parks, no merch, no streaming. Gone.

  2. imagine being a 40 year old man crying publicly on the internet about how a company didn't say happy birthday to a actor who doesn't know you cause he is black… you are very sad.

  3. lol, you even got the mulan reference wrong. hey, btw did you know that there are over 200 ICE detention facilities in America. If any director filmed in a state that had one of those facilities would you feel the same way if the director thanked the states mayor for letting them film there?

  4. the virtue signalling is out of this galaxy! "I care more about black people then ALL the billion Chinese RACISTS" holy shit yo are an SJW.

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