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SORRY ADELE ANGELINA KILLED THIS ! | Angelina Jordan – When We Were Young (Adele Cover) REACTION

By Lynn Chesnut / Published on Wednesday, 30 Jun 2021 01:19 AM / 25 Comments / 43 views


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25 thoughts on “SORRY ADELE ANGELINA KILLED THIS ! | Angelina Jordan – When We Were Young (Adele Cover) REACTION”

  1. Hey Recklezz, you've earned the right to "chill" while reacting to Angelina. We all know you love her as much as anyone. Just watching you listen to a new song by her is good enough. I too need to get to a concert of hers and I haven't been to a concert in 20 years!
    I know you will really enjoy "chillin" to "Above The Water" that was written for her by TRXD and released last Jan.2020 at just turned 14. You might even break a dance move on it. YES, A Dance Song by Angelina! Thanks for all the fun you've given us over the past few months.

  2. Just beautiful,there is no more words to express AJ talent.Thanks for the reaction. very precise.

  3. Your great , ANGELINA IS LUCKY to have you. Peace love and happiness is always av a beyy4r soul God bkess

  4. Maybe for your next reaction you could react to her doing Adele's "All I Ask". She owns it, and it is no longer Adele's song.
    As for only seeing the "reaction" on your face, my personal opinion is I would prefer that from all 'reactors'.

  5. Great reaction my man. You ready for something REALLY special ? A way you have never heard her sing before ? At least in MY mind, this performance is standing out. When she was 11 years old, she held an outdoor concert on a jazz venue here in Norway, and she sang "Lovin' You". Please check this one out, I promise she will blow you off that chair :
    Greetings from Norway 🙂

  6. from the same concert you should react to "Crazy". The best version ever. She is lost in the song and you can feel and hear all the motion even more than you normally can when Angelina sings. It is really worth to do so. I would love to see your reaction.

  7. It’s had been said before but she is thruly music. Your reactions are always great…love it.

  8. Great reaction. Hope you’re feeling better. Have you reacted to Angelina singing: It’s A Man’s World, Someone Like You, Stay, Happier, Born To Die and Young and Beautiful

  9. Because Angelina's roots are in jazz, she is able to inflect passionately
    in ways that non-jazz singers can do. As good as Adele, Lana Del Rey
    and Rhianna are, when Angelina covers their ballads her presentations
    are always superior.

  10. Fantastic reaction, knowing your mom sings and your a fan of hers and seeing your facial expression when you react to AJ, it's real and special. God Bless!

  11. Not to worry about having to "react" to Angelina, we all understand how hard it is to come up with new words to describe this young lady…that dictionary has not been published yet. Keep doing what your doing Recklezz…Angel fans really enjoy your sharing and supporting this young artist.

  12. This is Adele. But it’s not all I ask. Maybe you reacted to that one as well. But this one is when we were young

  13. Hey brother.. welcome back and stay well. You are absolutely right, think about it. What a production her tour would be once she starts. I'm with you on ✔ that bucket list. It will be unbelievable to see her live.

    Check this one out when you can. Aretha Franklin Tribute, A Natural Woman. She's 13 here and at home.

  14. Great performance. Great reaction. Reckless thank you so very much for continuing to react to Angelina Jordan. I don't think this song can be sung any better than this. Reckless, many reactors have said the same thing, that they don't know what to say. Facial expressions during her performance say it all, so no worries. Every angel wants to attend a concert by our barefoot princess. Sadly it will likely take a few years before that is possible. I hope I am wrong but it is for the best that Angelina's family requested Republic Records to give her as normal a childhood as possible.

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