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Shakira (Fortnite Montage) Ft. My Best Clips

By Steve Rodriguez / Published on Wednesday, 27 Jan 2021 08:55 AM / 5 Comments / 50 views

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5 thoughts on “Shakira (Fortnite Montage) Ft. My Best Clips”

  1. I subbed and liked, cuz I wanna see more banger montages from u! Btw I'm trying to create a streaming community so I would appreciate if u leave a sub on my channel 🙂

  2. People always say I make bad montages and I’ve recently uploaded a couple especially highlights 4 which I’m really proud of, but I just saw your montage and I think it is very good I was wondering if you think mine is good because I’m thinking of quitting and you seeing it and subbing would make my day.

  3. hey man great video i dont mean to self promote but my ps4 slim has broke and my brother wants a new console but my dad will have to work extra hours and i hate watching him suffer just to make us happy so i made a youtube channle so i can try to make money and get my brother a console mind supporting me back and watching some of my videos????????? this video took me 3 hours to make i just a bad editing app

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