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SCREAM 5 – Roger L. Jackson Confirmed + Hayden Panettiere is BACK!? Dylan Minnette the opening kill?

By Rozella Bryant / Published on Sunday, 14 Mar 2021 12:53 PM / 9 Comments / 224 views

Ghostface is officially back…well the voice of Ghostafce and could Hayden Panettiere actually be reprising her role as Kirby in Scream 5!?!?!? WHAT is going on? oh…and is Dylan Minnette the opening kill?

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What do you think this photo means? Any hidden details!?!?!

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9 thoughts on “SCREAM 5 – Roger L. Jackson Confirmed + Hayden Panettiere is BACK!? Dylan Minnette the opening kill?”

  1. You’d gotta be stupid if you didn’t think that roger Jackson wasn’t coming back but then again all the dumb ass theories I’ve seen I’m not surprised it went over the heads of the masses

  2. Imagine Kirby being as obsessed with horror as she was , only to become a victim and turn into a killer herself. She becomes so obsessed that it turns her psycho…. idk just theory lol

  3. This is going to be great. It all ends means they will be tying up all loose ends. So, i'm thinking there is going to be a bunch of twists and turns. The traditional 2 ghost face killers plus 1 more ghost face killer that is not a part of the 2 since she has her own agenda of her boyfriend roman getting killed. Angelina returns for her revenge. or maybe she works together with the 2 new killers.

  4. I feel like either Martha or Dewey will end up being the opening kill. I do feel like Kirby may show back up in this film as well. It would be a nice surprise for fans.I know I'm probably nuts but I have this genuine feeling like we're going to find out that between the events of Scream 1 and Scream 2 that Sydney had a child that she gave up for adoption. I could be totally wrong on this but my gut is just pushing me that direction. It might have something to do with the new killer(s) motive. I hope we get some form of Randy in this movie.

  5. I think Dylan Minette should be the killer. After watching 13 Reasons Why I think he can pull it off.

  6. Love your snooping, love your theories. I follow a lot of creators on YouTube for tidbits on Scream 5. One thing I’m curious about, that no one seems to be talking about, is why the filming and release date are SOOOO far apart for this movie. I feel like there’s some kind of significance to that. All of the other Scream films were produced over a couple months in the summer and released the same winter. Even Scream 3 with its big-budget explosion and Scream 4 with its CGI knife and blood throughout. I also find it super weird that a studio would get production in the can and then let a movie just sit on a shelf for a year before releasing it unless there was some kind of post-production that necessitated it, OR unless additional filming needed to be done for some reason at a later time and they planned for that in advance. But I just feel like it’s weird, it’s uncharacteristic for the series, and it makes me think there’s a specific reason for it.

  7. I love me a good scream movie I think they should make more, I mean look at how many halloween/friday the 13th movies there are…

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