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RE-reacting to katy perry's 'PRISM' era: 'dark horse' & 'this is how we do' music videos | reaction

By Jessica Alarcon / Published on Thursday, 13 May 2021 06:54 AM / 2 Comments / 48 views

hey guys! welcome back to my channel and i hope you enjoyed the video 🙂 don’t forget to like, share + subscribe if you did!
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so i have finished reacting to the prism era! (…sorry birthday…)
who knows, maybe if you guys want me to react to birthday some day i will!
i really love the prism era because 2013 was the year i really became a pop music ‘stan’ and i remember it really vividly. the videos are so colourful and fun and i miss it so much!
i’ve re-reacted to katy perry’s ‘teenage dream’ era on my channel as well, so don’t forget to check that out!
i’ve also ‘re-reacted’ or revisited MANY different era’s, from britney spears’ ‘blackout’, ‘circus’ and ‘femme fatale’, taylor swift’s ‘1989’, ariana grande’s ‘my everything’, and lady gaga’s ‘born this way’ and ‘the fame monster’!
i’ve uploaded other recent reactions including ariana’s ‘save your tears’ remix and taylor’s ‘fearless’ vault songs

thank you for watching and supporting me! xo

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2 thoughts on “RE-reacting to katy perry's 'PRISM' era: 'dark horse' & 'this is how we do' music videos | reaction”

  1. Katy Perry is dropping new single this Friday, ELECTRIC ! The official song of the Pokemon 25th anniversarry! You are underrated

  2. Loved this! Please make sure to react to her droplets era! 365 ft Zedd, Feels by Calvin Harris ft KP, Small Talk, COZZY LITTLE CHRISTMAS and Rise. Great reactioooon!!!!

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