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QTCinderella's embarrassing run in with Pokimane in Vegas

By Malcom Delgadillo / Published on Saturday, 19 Jun 2021 03:19 AM / 16 Comments / 47 views

QTCinderella tries to meet Pokimane…
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16 thoughts on “QTCinderella's embarrassing run in with Pokimane in Vegas”

  1. QT really can't have a normal interaction with Poki. Going over to her house? She bakes a cake, brings it, rings the doorbell and stands there for 5 minutes, no one answers, she puts the cake on the ground and leaves. Meeting Poki in Vegas and even staying at the same hotel? First thought that comes to QT's mind is to take a creep shot photo of her from far away and send it to her.

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