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Psychic Uses UNO Cards to Predict (Britney Spears, Gabbie Hanna, & Jessie Smiles)

By John Sparks / Published on Friday, 09 Jul 2021 04:19 AM / 13 Comments / 9 views

Tarot is just a tool, so Uno cards can be too! Watch a psychic reading using Uno cards to see what they have to say about what’s going on with celebrities and YouTube drama…

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DISCLAIMER: All statements made in this video are personal interpretations only; they are not intended to be put forth as fact. All claims presented are alleged unless otherwise stated.

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13 thoughts on “Psychic Uses UNO Cards to Predict (Britney Spears, Gabbie Hanna, & Jessie Smiles)”

  1. Also, thank you soooooo much for the private reading yesterday!!! You’re amazing!! ♥️♥️♥️

  2. It would be sweeeet if you could make your link to your website an “active link” so we can click on it from YouTube <3

  3. My grandmother used to read regular playing cards
    1st rule of tarot – throw the book away

  4. My take on the Doreen virtue thing is that everybody was looking at her as the “savior” and “special/different one “ when really it was that she is an amazing channel for source! Instead of turning to source we turned to Doreen —- so when she turned her back on the community it was the shake up everyone needed to really think about if it was the person or the message they were following .

  5. Bea sweetheart the answer to why YOU read the card like that is up in the corner…it's YOUR interpretation. Just a girl readin cards y'all.
    She has her way, you have yours. not everyone reads the same way, Please keep that in mind.
    Bea- when you read the Uno cards, are you reading the colors like chakra as well?? Just wondering since it's one way that caught my attention.

  6. Great video – informative. Can’t fathom how anyone else who reads would tell someone else their way is incorrect. Whatever way you get to the message, as long as it’s accurate and helpful, what does it matter? Love the way you read the cards. Sending prayers to you all ❤️

  7. This was very cool. I'm all abt numerology, number reversals, angel numbers etc.. I was not surprised at all and it actually hopefully helped someone! Still sending prayers for ur Daddy!

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