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Power 105's DJ Self Reacts To Cardi B's Controversial Message To The Youth!

By Lynn Delgadillo / Published on Wednesday, 24 Mar 2021 06:55 AM / 22 Comments / 16 views

DJ Self stopped by The Hip Hop Uncensored Podcast To Speak on his relationship With Cardi B, her controversial lyrics and why he didn’t sign her before she blew up!

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22 thoughts on “Power 105's DJ Self Reacts To Cardi B's Controversial Message To The Youth!”

  1. He’s lying there’s no balance the industry is currently pushing “hoe music” which is why you have artists like cardi and Meg winning Grammys and being shoved down our throats

  2. All of them are puppets to the true puppets of the Dajjal. YouTube Dajjal and you'll understand the true meaning behind celebrities covering their right eye. "Hardly" these rappers own their royalties and publishing. It's all controlled and owned by the true Dajjal puppets.

  3. What is so interesting to me is when he said hip hop is for everyone ok, true. However when you turn on the radio you're not receiving a diverse choice of word play the youth are bombarded with a specific message from a few predominate female rappers that masks female empowerment as sexual exploitation. We know and see an agenda but some are afraid call it what it is, we live in a time where it's literally. Ok to do whatever you want in front of whoever. It's unfortunate I have children and I feel as if I have to constantly shield them from this culture and explain what they see, then explain proper behavior and self worth, cause you know… Good show.

  4. Woooow! DJ Self was only for self on Love and Hip Hop , He was playing Cardi and stringing her along< He was not about his business or his grind,,,He missed it ….Glad she's doing the damn thang

  5. There is no intelligent person who listens to that music. Bottom line. Not saying I know everything but still. The more you learn your perception changes, your values change, and your emotions change. You will organically stop liking that stuff in precise proportion to how much you start to wise up.

    You could take the conspiracy route to and say this type is literally being used as a weapon to program people's hearts and minds. There's some truth to that.

  6. The one thing he's not admitting is that this industry is saturated with the sexually explicit messages.. and that's the only music that makes it through to mainstream.. so he has to keep it rea..l there's an agenda

  7. Hip hop regions: 79-88=NY, 88-94=WESTCOAST, 94- 99=NY and WESTCOAST tuggle war, 99-02=DOWN SOUTH, 02-05=MIDWEST NY DWNSOUTH, 06-14=DOWNSOUTH DRAKE, 14-17= CHIRAQ ATL

  8. If anyone does the proper research, they will find the true purpose of Hip Hop. Hip Hop is social consciousness. Hip Hop served as the alternative to all of the destructive elements that plagued our communities. Music or behavior that glorifies, perpetuate, or encourage these destructive elements is not Hip Hop… period!!! Just like any culture, there should be certain landmarks within the culture that should never be traversed! Anyone who desecrates the culture should be dealt with. So NO, WE SHOULDN'T CHILL OUT!

  9. Difference are those song weren't played on the radio like they play everything now. You had to hear them on a CD/tape with the warnings on them. Anything goes nowadays,

  10. I’m pretty sure Sam and o god know you have to take that oath to become that guy/chick in the industry. So it’s not about her music it’s about her soul. That’s why she in this position

  11. Little Kim foxy Brown Eve Trina cardi b Nicki Minaj there's always some ratchet puppet they can use as a tool to oppress we all know who. When she fades out like Nicki Minaj and Little Kim and foxy Brown and so on they'll replace her with an even more ratchet female to represent the black community. The truth hurts but it's still the truth.

  12. There is no balance nor is there culture in Hiphop right now. I'm so tired of people fronting like there's still a def jam side and rawkus side or a mainstream side and a underground side. Music today is 1 dimensional and trash. Call it like it is. Stop trying to be politically correct.

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