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Pokimane Just Ended Capitalism UWU

By Brandy McAllister / Published on Monday, 24 May 2021 13:54 PM / 29 Comments / 78 views

Brave and stunning statement by world famous Twitch streamer.

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29 thoughts on “Pokimane Just Ended Capitalism UWU”

  1. Its always some spoiled brat that bashes a system that made their easy lives possible in the first place…

  2. Strange how the people who climb to the top of society and class want to abolish and condemn what helped them rise up.

  3. Psychopathic behavior hmmmmm i wonder if targeting anothers sponsor could be considered psychpathic

  4. These big celebrities that make more money than they know what to do with sure don’t give their money to smaller streamers that don’t make anything.

  5. Poki: “Capatlosm rewards psychos.”

    She’s not too far off in her case……

  6. she cant spell pokemon correctly and we want her to have an understanding of capitalism

  7. This is what we get when we have a society that doesn't know what sacrifice means. Of any kind.
    How spoiled are we the people that most individuals don't even see it. Or worse, they know it and take advantage of the ignorance of the masses. Also, fellas, stop simping. There is not a woman alive on the planet who wants to be with a tool.

  8. I never know who the hell any of these people are but they are all hypocritical goofs…at least this one is hot though…

  9. All these rich privileged people complaining about capitalism. Not knowing that communist state would have them in jail and stripped of all their wealth. LMAO

  10. clearly, shes been hanging around hasanbi too much. yet, even though both people parrot anti-capitalist/socialist rhetoric, they both live their lives off the benefit of free market capitalism and don't intend to give that up anytime soon. can never take these folks seriously

  11. I hate capitalism because it bred e-thots and simps who would then say that they hate capitalism

  12. Seriously ?! How the Hell Simps follow her when she's a Hypocrite and a Faker?! Bath Water ? Really ?

  13. Idk who this chick is, but it sounds like these fools played themselves again, just like with Bernie and BLM. Keep on paying people to tell you capitalism is bad. Lol

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