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Pokimane about dancing with Sykkuno

By Jeffrey Martinez / Published on Saturday, 19 Jun 2021 03:19 AM / 21 Comments / 70 views

Pokimane talks about the popular clip of her dancing with Sykkuno in Las Vegas

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This channel was created so I could upload whatever the heck I want without the pressure of it being on my “main channel” monkaS, if you know me then hey, if you don’t then welcome! My name’s Imane, but you can call me Poki/Pokimane 🙂 I’m a creator and streamer who plays Fortnite, Minecraft, and League of Legends.


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21 thoughts on “Pokimane about dancing with Sykkuno”

  1. Not sure if this is a troll but I really mean it:

    I love Imane and had love to be a friend of hers
    I like Poki and she's a great person to watch; I enjoy her content
    I may/may not be the greatest fan AKA simp of Pokimane but she's doing her job as a streamer and I respect that


  3. Syykuno is 30 lmao dude using makeup and acting all "kawai" to appear young lol its creepy to me, just google "sykkuno forehead"

  4. No one:
    ShadowAlpha66 in chat: Can you show us your pc build??

    ShadowAlpha66: can you show us your pc build??

    ShadowAlpha66: can you show us your pc build??

    ShadowAlpha66: can you show us your pc build??

    ShadowAlpha66: can you show us your pc build??

  5. This is so stuning, i am like 2-3 shots, dance a bit and then my anxiety go from 70 to 0 instantly.

  6. Poki is quiet about it. Bt she is wanting to teach Sykkuno women, if you know what I mean… She's in love with him bt can't show it publicly haha. Being a psychologist I love watching streamers hah she loves him n wants him.

  7. I want to take the kids who type "React to Tommy's video" in the chat and throw them in a wall or something

  8. Pulls Michael onto the dance floor
    Michael: That's social interaction and I don't support it

  9. God damn this chat is annoying… how can you put up with this?!

    But those stories are soooo damn cute!

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