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People Who Got STUCK In WEIRD Places

By Linda Scott / Published on Thursday, 01 Jul 2021 23:18 PM / 25 Comments / 30 views

Azzyland – People Who Got STUCK In WEIRD Places

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25 thoughts on “People Who Got STUCK In WEIRD Places”

  1. Azzie is pansexual because she gave us a hint in her video Disney villains real life for each one the background colour makes the pan flag

  2. I got stuck on a ride in air I had to wait 5 hours it was me and my siblings worse 5 hours of my life

  3. I stayed the night at a hotel with my cousins and we went to go get food downstairs and my cousin was jumping in the elevator and I told her not to so she stopped so I told her so we wouldn’t get stuck in the elevator because that is one of my worst fears ever

  4. Do you even have a childhood get your head stuck in a railing or a chair or something

    Flashbacks to the time I got myself stuck in a baby swing

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