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People taking Ls that are 92.3% impossible to recover from

By Lisa Pinkerton / Published on Monday, 15 Nov 2021 01:20 AM / 14 Comments / 24 views

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14 thoughts on “People taking Ls that are 92.3% impossible to recover from”

  1. About the girl that got hit by the car…she wasnt lying..she actually got hit, and I'm not even kidding when I say this but they have footage of the girl getting hit at the red light and then the dude drove off and now he's acting as if she's a karen so that girl did actually get hit πŸ™

  2. Actually the Guy swapped lanes and almost hit a cyclist (Is it spelt like that? or is biker?) there are several recordings from witnesses and camera's about what happened. like the store camera, the witness who was recording other witnesses who saw it, probably the biker who he almost hit.

  3. 3:13 he is actually a very young Prince and he don't want older people than him to kiss his hand as his sign of respect for older people.

  4. Asst he hit her car at the light then she accidentally ran into him when he tried to get away. There is more video

  5. On the car hitting one, she was actually at fault. He cut her off at the intersection, clipping the side of her car, and she hit him after.

  6. 8:09 in another video a store had the camera footage and the guy did in fact hit her car at a red light,he came beside her and side swiped her, and when she went to turn he hit her again

  7. For the girl who was complaining about the guy hit her car he actually broke her mirror before that but he didn't remember so…

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