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People Are MAD At MrBeast AGAIN…

By Elizabeth Masters / Published on Monday, 22 Nov 2021 21:21 PM / 29 Comments / 21 views

► People Are MAD At MrBeast AGAIN…

So People Are MAD At MrBeast AGAIN, Now as you Guys Know MrBeast is doing His Own Squid Game, And Even Though a lot of people On The MrBeast TikTok Want This MrBeast Squid Game, People On Twitter Got Mad at MrBeast, They Said MrBeast didnt Understand Squid Game, Now Twitter is Mad at MrBeast Again Because MrBeast Posted a Squid Game Update, People are Mad at MrBeast for spending a lot of money On His Squid Game In Real Life Video, I Just find this entire thing stupid, MrBeast has done so Much, Yet People are Mad at MrBeast for no reason, So This is the MrBeast Twitter Drama Explained

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29 thoughts on “People Are MAD At MrBeast AGAIN…”

  1. Dude who cares is content squid game is not bad is a edit doesn’t mean he’s bad person jadyn you’re the bad person not mrbeast

  2. If mr beast wants to spend all of his youtube money into a kids violent not so violent game then let him. Its his choise and in my opinion i think that he is doing a good job

  3. They just jealous bc they dint get to play mr beast squid game those 456 players are lucky well atleast one of them

  4. Clown people making video like that will give him alot of money so he can just make more better challenge they dont get a brain so ye

  5. Mr beast fucking spent millions of dollars in charity, planted 20 million tres and is now removing 30 million pounds of trash from the ocean and the guy cant have a little bit of fun that twitter is already assasinating him?

    And lets be honest, noone of those people commenting planted at least 3 trees, "he only does for the views" what? Did you expect him to give all his money and stay poor and thats it? He still needs his own money. If Twitter rlly want to focus hate on someone then do it on Jeff Bezos, he is the richest person in the world and no one cares, but Mr.Beast has not even 1 billion and people are like gonna kill him if he dont donates his live to charity.

  6. I hate to cancel culture it’s just a bunch of heater on YouTube I’m just trying to it’s just disgusting

  7. twitter is very toxic, even all social medias, cant they just respect opinions?! come on when he shows u that he did charity you don't even care but if he didn't ur just going to act like a Karen?? appreciate that he did this to help an homeless person. respect opinions!!

  8. Dumbasses. He has an entire channel dedicated to charity. All profits that channel gets goes to various charities he runs. So what if he spent 2-3 mil on a video . It's like they expect every cent he earns to go to charity.

  9. Why tf are these ppl tweaking about this being a waste hes probably gonna still give every person that participated money for even playing LMAO

  10. I want someone to replay to me and making a hate comment to mr beast for fake ofc because I need to vent please

  11. Like stan lee said "if you want to do something that you genuinely think is nice don't let some idiot talk you out of it."

  12. Well Mr.Beast Earned his money for the environment, to end world hunger, yet if he spends on himself some of you guys just say "See he spends on himself" Then hoe can the guy live? He gives that many money and yet somr of you aren't happy

  13. Maybe mrbeast will copy and recreate squid game in real life not killing anyone, but if he do that, the director and creator of squid game maybe ban mrbeast squid game video, maybe due to copyright?

  14. If your so concerned about Mr. Beast wasting his money, why do you people waste your money the watch squid game then?

  15. Mr Beast is all save the tree, clean the seas, and Twitter on Squid game is like stop Wasting you damn money and use it for other things

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