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Nicki Minaj & Kenneth Petty Named As Leaders Of This NYC-BLOODS GANG

By Sandy Burns / Published on Tuesday, 09 Nov 2021 23:20 PM / 1 Comment / 38 views

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NICKI MINAJ & KENNETH PETTY ACCUSED OF CALLING SHOTS THROUGH NYC-BLOODS GANG IN $20M LAWSUIT. husband Kenneth “Zoo” Petty are facing some serious allegations. Petty’s sexual assault victim Jennifer Hough, who’s suing the couple for harassment and witness intimidation, is working with attorney Tyrone Blackburn Esq., and he claims they are members of a New York-based gang known as the Makk Balla Brims. According to All Hip Hop, court documents cite a recent trip to Queens, New York as evidence, which Blackburn submitted to presiding judge Eric Vitaliano. “[Kenneth] Petty and [Nicki] Maraj were both in this district, in Jamaica Queens, New York,” Blackburn told Vitaliano. “As seen on an Instagram live video currently up on Maraj’s Instagram page, both Maraj and Petty were seen associating with members of the Makk Ballers set of the Bloods Gang. Petty and Maraj are both members of this gang.

“Shortly after Petty and Maraj are spotted with their gangster colleagues, a member of the gang posted a death threat to Ms. Hough on Twitter, stating: ‘Jennifer if you see this, the Makks are coming to get you.’”

She stated “In March of 2020, [Nicki] called me and said she got word I was willing to help them out in the situation,” she said. “I didn’t understand what she was referring to, and she offered to fly me and my family to L.A. I turned it down. I told her, woman-to-woman, this really happened and I haven’t spoken to her since.”

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