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NBA Today | Perk: "Markieff Morris deserved to get fouled by Nikola Jokic"

By Jerry Bravo / Published on Monday, 22 Nov 2021 17:21 PM / 13 Comments / 13 views

NBA Today | Perk: “Markieff Morris deserved to get fouled by Nikola Jokic”

13 thoughts on “NBA Today | Perk: "Markieff Morris deserved to get fouled by Nikola Jokic"”

  1. He did not "wait for him to turn his back". Morris immediately turned his back acter the hit. Jokic immediately retaliated. There was no waiting.

  2. They need to stop saying Jokic cheapshotted Morris. No tf he didn't bruh Shaq, one of the greatest bigs in NBA history, even said don't turn your back because it's coming

  3. Morris can stand up but chose to stay on the floor. He knew that he will be beaten to death by Joker if he will stand to fight.

  4. Morris should get an Emmy for that performance. If he was so hurt, so injured he had to roll around like a toddler, where is the injury? Morris is a bitch!!!!

  5. man fuck that bro started it an got touched back I respect what jokic did it was all good when son fouled the shit out of him nah I'm glad he manned up an let dudes know to stop the bs he could of got hurt when dude fouled him dont hate just don't do 2 others what u dont want done 2 yahself if u stay N Yah Lane u won't get fucked up….

  6. Butler didn't say anything till Jokic was off the court. Had the opportunity right after Morris was hit…………….nothing.

  7. I think what might have happened to Morris is that when he got hit in the back it was close / on his spine and it might have sent shockwaves throughout his entire body. I don’t want anyone to experience this but when you get hit hard enough on your spine (by a strike) it almost makes your body spasm and then you need time to reset. Now I am NOT siding with Morris as I think he’s a bully.

  8. No one is talking about how Morris not only hit high? But also made sure to make contact with Jokic's knee. Watch it again. Going after a big man's knees is dirty as all hell. And of course. Let's be real here. IN NO PLACE IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU EVER EXPECT SOMEONE NOT TO HIT YOU AFTER YOU HIT THEM. LET ALONE.. TURN YOUR BACK? Fuck outta here. Morris had it coming. Stop being a bitch. Don't hit and run..

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