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my dog almost drowned

By William Jenkins / Published on Thursday, 30 Sep 2021 00:20 AM / 12 Comments / 21 views

getting fairly better at editing and my goal is 1 video minimum a week so we will see how i do.
today was slightly stressful


StoneBridge & Crystal Waters - Love Terminator
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12 thoughts on “my dog almost drowned”

  1. thank u soo much for the advice on that as females our environment will tell our bodies what they need through our intuition. that was beautifulyl stated and i agree 100 percent. i get obsessive and that's when i lose it all. it's about feeling good. not just looking good. i dont have to walk in in beast mode with a list i can feel it out. thank you and high five on the cold plunge maybe i'll try my gym's today.

    thank you for inspiring me everyday,
    you're an angel.

  2. Thank god you didn’t lose your dog, you are a great influence to others I like you tell others should stretch, working out and asking the body want it wants so you help keep healthy and strong

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