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This is the music from Murder Drones episode’s 4 5 and 6! Made by yours truly

‘Eternal Dream’ Music and Lyrics by AJ, sung by @ElsieLovelock
Additional choir vocals in ‘You didn’t ha-‘ by @IgikoAnimeCovers
Choir vocals in the second half of ‘Earth’ by @FaintedRainbow and @IgikoAnimeCovers

0:00 98.7
3:29 camping.mp3
4:35 I’m Confused
7:24 literally just noise (your favorite)
8:49 Solver Uzi
12:14 Falling… For You??
13:24 Magic School Bus

14:58 GR Energy
17:06 Criss-Cross Apple Sauce
18:22 The HuMaN Gala
20:10 darkXwolf17
21:16 Live, Laugh, Love
22:10 Frumplebucket
23:31 You didn’t ha-
24:17 both = very scary 🙁
25:23 Gentle

26:23 Eternal Dream ft. Elsie Lovelock
28:02 The Plot III: I’m Still Confused
29:28 ok yea that’s Pretty Dark
31:14 wow… okay THAT’s Pretty Dark
34:17 Earth
36:32 SENTINAL 000D
39:06 Huggie Wuggies
39:53 that’s a nice hallway, you ever see a hallway that nice?
40:54 Heh, Nothing Personal Kid.

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