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MrBeast explains how to enter the MrBeast SQUID GAME

By Regina Villarreal / Published on Wednesday, 17 Nov 2021 14:20 PM / 24 Comments / 36 views

mrbeast tells everyone how they can enter to be in the mr beast squid game during an instagram live
@MrBeast Gaming
@Beast Reacts

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24 thoughts on “MrBeast explains how to enter the MrBeast SQUID GAME”

  1. I already bought one but it was so expensive don't recommend to buy it only if your rich

  2. I can't go because my family is not doing good but there getting there but not quite so can I please go I live in the US ❤️

  3. First of all, unlike what most are saying, you can literally enter to get a chance to participate for free provided that you scroll to the bottom of the website. If you want to pay, you can, the t-shirt is only £32 – that’s so cheap.

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