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Hollywood actress Margot Robbie went viral after her bathtub movie scene from The Big Short was used to explain a stock market trend.  Australian Mary Queen of Scots actress Margot, 30, whose parents are both of Scottish heritage, got millions of views across the world after her famous bathtub scene from The Big Short was used to explain the current trend of short term gambling on the stock market.  Margot made a cameo appearance in the tub with champagne in 2015 film The Big Short as she explained all about big time Wall Street trader Lewis Ranieri’s mortgage-backed securities.  In this latest trending video, Margot’s head has been replaced by that of Australian comedian Trevor Noah who explained all about the current Wall Street reports in a hilarious video.  In it, he explained: “Basically, there’s a group of people on Reddit who don’t use the stock market to bet, they use it to gamble.  “And yeah, that’s what a lot of serious investors do too, but these guys on Reddit are more …

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