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Marilyn Manson Defended Johnny Depp back in 2016!

By Alvin Thomas / Published on Monday, 08 Mar 2021 00:55 AM / 8 Comments / 28 views

Marilyn Manson Defended Johnny Depp back in 2016!
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8 thoughts on “Marilyn Manson Defended Johnny Depp back in 2016!”

  1. This one should have been in this series a while ago! Thanks for the support will get to comments as I can!

  2. I had a slight obsession with Brian Warner a few years back, and I never ran across anything negative about him. Yeah, his stage presence is quite dark, but as a person, he is a writer, a good actor, and intelligent beyond words. Keep supporting the good guys Jon!

  3. Lily said she grew up playing Barbies with her god father MM. AH has been dumping on JDs friendship with him making sure that negative info about things like the two of them going on cocaine benders together is out there. I still keep coming back to that photo of M, AH and IO. Some pictures can be so telling, hes frowning like hes overheard the other two saying something odd. I may be reading to much into it but I really do think that the timing of the allegations against M stinks. I think Hes been silenced

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