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Lets Discuss Chrissy Teigen for the last time

By George Shaw / Published on Sunday, 04 Jul 2021 21:18 PM / 10 Comments / 14 views

I made her French toast from her cookbook and it was excellent……so there’s that.


10 thoughts on “Lets Discuss Chrissy Teigen for the last time”

  1. On the tweeting at Trump thing thank you so much for mentioning that though like people would praise her and for what exactly?????

  2. It seems to me like she was doing this for the validation she got from her stans. She went after people that the public was already going after. Then her fans rushed to her comments with their “slay queen” comments and I guess she loved the attention.

  3. Not only a person that has privilege but also a person who got said privilage from the public, not from her performance in a university or the arts or whatever….so no, she isnt a regular person.

  4. She's a hypocritical fake "woke" virtue signaler. These types do harm to the causes they claim to support.

  5. You’ve been calling her out since way back when! I was waiting for this follow-up video ngl

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