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Kylie Jenner | Saturday Night With Kendall 💃

By Helen Zielinski / Published on Sunday, 07 Mar 2021 15:54 PM / 12 Comments / 449 views

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Kylie [House Tour] 🏠

Kylie [Glam] 💄

Kylie [Nails] 💅🏻

Kylie [Cooking With Kylie]👩‍🍳

Kylie [Squad]👯‍♀️

Kim [Glam]💋

Khloe [Khlo-C-D]👚

Kourtney [Organization]🧺

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12 thoughts on “Kylie Jenner | Saturday Night With Kendall 💃”

  1. There’s so many people, including me, that have had serious fallouts with their siblings. It’s nice to see Kylie hanging out with Kendall. (Even though she’s annoying sometimes -lol.

  2. How much you make up to look like black and waste time for that. You can easily inject Melanin once and transform into black forever as Ms Martin Adem did

  3. The only real friend you have is your sister's all the other chicks is just want to be except of Jordan she was your real friend you're only true friend

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